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Cody Rhodes discusses the All Out brawl on The MMA Hour

Appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes gave his take on the All Out brawl involving The Elite and CM Punk and squashed some rumors along the way.

Rhodes, a former AEW EVP, said that he had a great relationship with Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega and still does, but he also had a great relationship with CM Punk, calling him his “dinner buddy” when he was there.

Cody said that it was sad hearing and seeing what happened and he doesn’t want to put the blame on anyone and wanted to be “super Switzerland” on the topic.

“I just hated seeing that because as the company grows – and I hope it continues to grow – I hope people remember the mission in the first place, why we were there and if you bring in people who don’t know the mission then things like that can happen,” Cody said. “I’m not saying he [Punk] didn’t know the mission or anything of that nature but I was just bummed out. That’s how I felt, I was bummed out.”

Cody added that he received a lot of texts when the brawl went down and someone told him that he was the “smartest guy in the room” because he left.

“And I wanted to write back like…’F you man!’ I don’t feel that way, I feel this thing we built got damaged,” he said.

“No heat on Punk, no heat on Matt, Nick, Kenny or Tony. I was just bummed out when I saw it. That’s not how we envisioned it,” Cody continued.

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