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Charlotte and Becky happy to be “dating again” after making amends


Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch joked that they are “dating again” and they’ll see how it goes after making amends with each other following a very public fallout a couple of years ago.

The two best friends who turned enemies were all smiles yesterday at the post-Survivor Series press conference, sitting next to each other after their WarGames match earlier in the night.

“We’re just courting each other again, let’s ah, take it easy, we’ll get there…we’ll get there,” Becky added.

The Man was especially very emotional talking about the two reuniting, saying they have made a lot of history individually.

“But the most history we’ve made has been together,” Becky said. “And probably the best history that we’ve made,” she continued, as she shed a tear.

“It’s getting dusty in here come on,” she said as Charlotte grabbed her hand.

Flair added, “I just think we bring the best in each other. When we hug at the same time, you could feel that electricity. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her and she wouldn’t be where she was if it wasn’t for me, so I think that just never goes away.”

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