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BT Sport releases awesome trailer for Clash at the Castle with Drew McIntyre


Ahead of next week’s Clash of the Castle premium live event, WWE UK broadcaster BT Sport has released a 2 minute 40 second commercial for the main event featuring Drew McIntyre.

The awesome trailer includes Drew’s wife Kaitlyn and his family and flashes back throughout McIntyre’s WWE career and what he went through to get this opportunity against Roman Reigns. The video also has a backstory on how his wife arrived in Nashville in 2014 with a particular luggage and then she goes online to find a similar one and leaves it for him with an envelope on it that reads “Home.”

The whole event is built around McIntyre going back home to the United Kingdom to headline the first major WWE event in 30 years.

McIntyre re-tweeted the video saying, “To my family and my beautiful wife, thank you.”

BT Sport did a previous awesome commercial for WrestleMania 36 with Drew McIntyre, filmed in the Scottish Highlands that earned rave reviews from fans and critics.

BT Sport will be airing the show live on BT Sport 2.

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