Brock Lesnar gets Triple H to tap out, Punk and Sheamus retain

For 24 years, the biggest Summer event for WWE is SummerSlam and tonight it’s the 25th annual of SummerSlam.

The highly promoted match for tonight is Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar that has been in the making since the end of April. Brock broke the arm of Triple H using the Kimura armbar a few months ago. Later on, Triple H returned to the pay-per-view No Way Out to challenge Brock to a match. This brought the returning manager of Brock, Paul Heyman. After a few meetings between both men, the match was made.

Don’t forget there is a Triple Threat match tonight for the WWE Championship in which the Champion does not need to be pinned to lose his belt.

Let’s also not forget that Dolph Ziggler is the current holder of the Money in the Bank contract.

Tonight, WWE’s 25th anniversary SummerSlam is live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

There are 7 matches scheduled for the event tonight and one Pre-Show Match.

Pre-Show match is Santino Marella (c) vs. Antonio Cesaro for the WWE United States Championship.

A distraction from Aksana allows Antonio to finish Santino.

Winner of the Match – Antonio Cesaro via pinfall to win the WWE United States Championship.

Our 1st Match is Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

After the cheap attack from Dolph on Jericho not once but twice on Smackdown, will revenge be in order or will Jericho fail like Ziggler has promoted. Jericho is sporting bandage to the ribs from the attack.

Jericho has rolled into town to begin and control this match from the start with a huge clothesline to Ziggler and back suplex. He then is able to buy even more time after throwing Ziggler over the top rope but then misses Ziggler and falls hard to the floor below. This allows Ziggler to gain control with a drop kick the ribs of Jericho and getting even more aggressive, punishing Jericho with a picture perfect neck breaker. He attempts a cocky cover by standing on the chest of Jericho with one leg with a fast kick out.

Jericho is able to gain control of the match again when Jericho moves from the corner and Ziggler hits nothing but turnbuckle. A few shoulder shots to Ziggler but just as fast, Ziggler able to quickly take out Jericho and attempt a 2 count pin. Ziggler counters the Walls but then delivers a huge drop kick to Ziggler for 2.

Ziggler able to hit the sleeper he so well uses and is able to get Y2J close to the mat but Jericho is able to break the hold. With Ziggler on the top rope, Jericho deliveries 1- shots the head and hits a huge Hurricanrana but only gets a 2 count. Ziggler then nails a DDT for another 2 count.

Mixed crowd tonight for both superstars as the running bulldog is applied but missed the Lionsault when Ziggler lifted his knees directly into the ribs of Jericho.

Ziggler nails the Zip Zag but Jericho does not go down just yet. Jericho then nails the Code Breaker but wasn’t able to cover Ziggler yet. Vicki attempts to hold Jericho so Ziggler can roll up Jericho but musters a 2 count. Jericho is then able to hit the Walls of Jericho and Dolph has tapped out.

Winner of the Match – Chris Jericho via submission.

We break to Brock Lesnar interview and Paul Heyman quotes the Triple H spoke to the ref to not stop this match until it is done. Brock grabs the mic saying, HHH will not win. Paul then steals a quote from DX, they have only two words for ya, TAP OUT!

Our 2nd Match is Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

NO…NO…NO…That has been how the life of Daniel Bryan has been since the 1000th RAW and its no different as he attempts to fight the crowd.

Daniel begins to start this match but then just gets slammed to the mat and drop kick to the head for the trouble. Daniel is able to start the offense again and the crowd chants yet to everything. He is using the kicks heavily to bring the big man down to the mat. He takes out the knees and legs of Kane. Kane then just gets up and hits a huge clothesline then huge side slam for a 2 count pin attempt. Daniel avoids the chokeslam and Daniel slaps Kane, guess what, this annoys the hell out of Kane.

Kane then digs a big mud hole in Daniel but Daniel then is able to take Kane out. Daniel then starts the kicks again and a big shot to the head. He takes his time as he fights the crowd chanting yes so much and he goes to the top rope.

He gets caught and Kane nails a huge chokeslam to the mat. Kane is slow to get up. Kane signals for the Tombstone but Daniel counters the move and rolls up Kane for a 3 count.

Winner of the Match – Daniel Bryan via pinfall.

Kane, realizing he just lost is mad and heads directly to the back. They break to the back with Kane destroying everything in the back looking for Daniel. Josh Matthews attempts an interview and Kane just lifts him to throws him off screen into what sounded like piping and stage equipment.

Our 3rd Match is The Miz (c) vs. Rey Mysterio for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Rey is dressed like Batman tonight, Cap with the head mask having Bat ears and Miz gets his Giant AWESOME entrance bubbles back.

Slow start as both men try to show who is the better man with each getting some type of offensive hit but Miz begins to control the match with a kick to the stomach then sends Rey to the outside. Miz runs to the outside as Ray runs back inside. Baseball slide again from Rey this time takes out Miz. He then slams Ray into the outside barrier then gets Ray back inside the ring for a 2 count.

Miz slows things down with a submission move as he digs his knee into the back of Rey’s head. Rey is able to counter with a quick 2 count. Miz then hits a nice back breaker but only gets a 2 count. He continues to work the back and head of Rey. Multiple pins attempts by Miz don’t finish Rey just yet but a cocky Miz wastes a lot of time and as he climbs to the top rope, Rey takes Miz down.

Rey now climbs to the top and he takes down Miz but Miz able to nail a big powerbomb. He continues to allow the crowd to distract and a roll up for 2 then shot the head of Miz gets another 2 for Rey.

Rey with another 2 count pin after a DDT then he is going up again but this time, Miz catches him this time. Miz cant do much and Rey hits the 619, then Rey to the top ropes but missed the high flying slam. Rey quickly is able to counter the Miz to a quick rollup of 2. Both men stagger up and Miz launches Rey into the corner then hits the Skull crushing Finale for the 3 count

Winner of the Match – The Miz via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

After a Promo for the new WWE app, which is pretty nice, CM Punk enter AJ’s office and demands respect.

Our 4th Match is Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Alberto rides in a Nice Ferrari California valued at $250,000. mmmmm, nice!

This match almost did not happen tonight from the events of Smackdown but Sheamus called for this match to happen.

Its does not take long to get this match to go outside the ring and Sheamus is the first to taste a little table. Both men end back in the ring and Del Rio kicking Sheamus in the head but Sheamus returns the favor in the corner. Both men trade shots back and forth but Sheamus sets the match and controls Del Rio to the mat.

As Del Rio was in one of the corner, He rips it off as Sheamus pulls him away. A drop kick from Del Rio ends with Sheamus falling to the outside of the ring hard. This doesn’t faze Sheamus but the a push to the steps does. Del Rio throws him back into the ring and then from the top rope nails the head of Sheamus for a 2 count.

Del Rio attempts to takes the big man down with a kick to the face and Sheamus breaks the pin attempt. Del Rio again works Sheamus to the mat but Sheamus just keeps getting up. He then gets taken back down again for another 2 count after a shot to the head of Sheamus. Del Rio mocks Sheamus but misses the kick to the head. Sheamus gets a few shots in then climbs to ropes to get caught on the top rope.

Del Rio then takes Sheamus to the mat from the top rope and lands right on the arm of Sheamus. Del Rio then nails the Cross Arm bar but Sheamus counters and just lifts him off the mat, then slams Del Rio to the mat. Great counter. Sheamus nails the White noise but Del Rio kicks out at 2. Awesome match between these 2.

Sheamus, after the pin attempt, signals for the Brogue Kick. Del Rio backs up to the ring corner but Sheamus spears him to the corner. A huge kick to the head from Del Rio gets a very close 2 count. Del Rio is mad, and grabs Ricardo into the ring. Ricardo then throws his shoe but Sheamus grabs it instead.

Sheamus then uses the shoe and hits the head of Del Rio and then hits the Irish Curse, he then pins and is able to get the 3 count for the win. After the match, it is shown that the leg of Alberto was on the bottom rope before the 3 count and as the ref got up to signal the bell, Sheamus moved the leg off the rope before the ref noticed. Alberto was screwed and the crowd wasn’t happy either.

Winner of the Match – Sheamus via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We break to the pre-show and HHH telling the assigned Ref to not end his match in DQ or anything except a pinfall only. Side note, this match is not scheduled as a no DQ, no countout match at this time.

Our 5th Match is R-Truth and Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Primetime Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young) Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

R-Truth and Darren start the match with Truth controlling. A quick counter allows Darren to tag in Titus and begins to punish Truth. A quick kick to the head of Titus from Truth allows Kofi to get tagged in and begins to take out Titus then nails The Boom Drop. Darren distracts Kofi and allow Titus to roll out of the ring, As Kofi chased, He takes out Darren but Titus rips the head off of Kofi with a huge clothesline.

Back in the ring, The Primetime Players tag back and forth and tear down Kofi in their corner as Truth looks on. Kofi gets a quick slam in but pays for it from both Players. He still tries to fight back but Titus puts him in a submission, abdominal stretch. Kofi is able to DDT Titus and both teams get tagged in but Truth gets the upper hand. Then as Titus is on the outside, Kofi flies like Superman and takes him out. In the ring, Truth nails Darren in the middle of the ring and is able to pin for the 3 count.

Winner of the Match – R-Truth and Kofi Kingston via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Our 6th Match is CM Punk (c) vs. Big Show vs. John Cena Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

No DQ, No Countout, pinfall must be in the ring, and the Champion (CM Punk) does not have to be pinned to lose the belt. John Cena cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract and lost that match via DQ but just 3 weeks later, He is in another title match already and this time, disqualification won’t be an excuse and all CM Punk wants is respect and Big Show is just plain made, and, and, and, its gonna be none stop, great match.

Big Show out of the gate and attacking both men, controlling them both. Shots the head and stomach of both men and then huge chops to the chests of both men get big WWWOOO cheers from the crowd. John Cena and Punk both begin to attack Big Show but then both fail as he suplex both men.

Cena gets crushed in the corner and rolls out of the ring by Big Show, then CM Punk is able to drop kick the Big Show to the mat and begins to kick the chest of Show. He signals for the GTS on Show but Show is to big. Cena was back in the ring and was going to hit the AA but Punk takes out both men. Punk then covers Cena but Show breaks the pin.

Big Show then slams Punk to the mat hard and signals for the WMD but Cena interferes then Big Show nails the spear but only gets a 2 count. Big Show lands hard on Cena and attempts to pin but Punk breaks the count. Big Show throws Cena to the outside with one hand and then Punk tries to attack Show. He just gets thrown into the ropes then flies off the ropes onto the floor below.

Cena back in the ring gets slammed to the mat but kicks out of the pin attempt by Show. CM Punk then distracts Show and drops him to the mat. Punk from the top rope nails the elbow to the chest but Show kicks out. Punk gets Show into a submission but Show breaks out of it and Punk pays for it. Cena, then hits the STF on Big Show and Show breaks that submission hold to.

John Cena gets slammed to the mat for his troubles. Punk from the top rope takes out Big Show then nails the high running knee to the head 3 times. He failed at the running bulldog. Cena nails the flying leg drop from the top rope on Big Show. Both Cena and Punk have their submission hold on Big Show and Show is tapping out and the bell is rung.

No clear winner but AJ then skips to the ring to shed some light on what just happen. Both men tapped Big Show, they both win. As she talks, Big Show is behind both Punk and Cena in the ring. She claims to RESTART the match.

Big Show from behind, chokeslams both men and pins Cena for a 2 count, he then attempts to pin Punk for 2 count. Cena from behind is able to hit the AA on Big Show. Punk from behind pushes out Cena to the outside of the ring, he then steals the pin from Cena and is able to pin The Big Show for 3.

Winner of the Match – CM Punk via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship.

Cena cannot believe what just happened and as he leaves to the back, he keeps looking at a celebrating CM Punk.

WWE then shows a few celebrities in the crowd and one stands out, Fred Durst who gave the middle finger to the camera. How nice was that. Also, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion is shown but it’s not Goldberg or Hollywood Hogan or Sting, it’s David Arquette. The PPV then hits the music button with a live presentation of the theme song of SummerSlam, Don’t Give Up by Kevin Rudolf with the WWE Divas dancing on stage.

We then break to the promo to the highly anticipated match, tonight’s last match.

Our Final Match is Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

And here we go, so excited for this one!! Shawn Michaels is not at ringside tonight due to the actions from Mondays RAW via a tweet at the start of the Pay per View.

Lesnar right out of the corner brings the fight to HHH. He is punishing HHH right now. He continues to attempt to apply the armlock on HHH. HHH reverses the flow of this match and knocks out Brock Lesnar out of the ring twice. Lesnar paces outside the ring and enters when he wants to.

Lesnar then begins to remove the gloves on his hand with a smirk and takes down HHH and nails HHH in the back of the head with his fist. He wears down Triple H outside of the ring then slams him to the table on the outside announce table. Triple H then makes his way back into the ring but the ref is not counting to 10, as he enters the ring, he then gets slammed to the mat.

Lesnar using the ropes to pull and injury the arm, then stomps on the arm while HHH is down on the mat. HHH is able to must a few shots but just ends up back in the corner. Huge German suplex to HHH allows the camera to shows the bleeding nose of Lesnar then he continues to work the arm. HHH musts enough to hit a few shots to Lesnars head then nails a DDT and both men are down. As they both get up, Lesnar works the arm again and while HHH is down, He gets thrown to the outside. While outside, Lesnar throws HHH to the stairs then spears HHH into the announce table. Lesnar then stands on the table and jumps real high into the ground, almost like Kofi Kingston height, and nails HHH in the neck.

Back into the ring, Lesnar gets a quick rollup for 2 and allows HHH to try attempt some type of offense and gets a huge clothesline from Lesnar. He is then thrown again to the outside of the ring by Lesnar. While outside, HHH throws Lesnar into the corner of the announce table and Lesnar is seriously complaining of stomach pains and he is curled up in pain the ring. Lesnar attempts another armbar but HHH breaks the hold and Triple H begins to work the stomach of Lesnar with vicious knee shots over and over again.

Triple H nails the Spine Buster and he is in the match again by attempting the Pedigree. He nails it and Lesnar kicks out of the Pedigree. A low blow from Lesnar but the ref wanted to ring the bell but thinks twice and does not DQ Lesnar. This allows him to hit the F5 but HHH kicks out of the pin attempt. Lesnar hits the arm lock and its in, HHH grabs the ropes but the ref does not break the hold. Shots to the stomach breaks the hold for HHH. Triple H then nails the Pedigree and Lesnar applies the submission hold again.

HHH is trying to break out of the hold but its to much, HHH has tapped out and what appears the arm may have broken again. Nobody is sure if the arm is broke as the video is going to be played back for sure.

Winner of the Match – Brock Lesnar via Submission.

Video playback shows the arm going back as if the arm broke and HHH then taps out. Brock Lesnar then walks to the back as HHH lays in the ring, much of the crowd not happy with the ending and HHH refusing any medical attention at this time from WWE trainers. The crowd chanting, you tapped Out, as HHH says sorry to the crowd. Many booing him and other chanting, HHH. He leaves to the back looking very sad that he lost.

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