Brian Kendrick trying out for trainer role at WWE Performance Center is reporting that former WWE and TNA Superstar Brian Kendrick was backstage at the NXT: Takeover WWE Network special on Thursday as he’s being given a tryout as a trainer.

Currently there are Billy Gunn, Norman Smiley, Robbie Brookside, Sara Amato, and Terry Taylor serving as trainers down at the Performance Center.

Kendrick joined WWE originally in 2002 and wrestled under the name of Spanky. He eventually departed in January 2004 but returned to the promotion in 2005 teaming up with Paul London. After a singles run as The Brian Kendrick, he left again in July 2009.

The former WWE Tag Team champion had two stints in TNA as well, one in 2004, a very brief one, and then returning in 2010. He lasted until February 2012.