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Big E says spine specialists advised him to hang up his boots


At a SummerSlam press conference yesterday, former WWE champion Big E repeated the claims that doctors have advised him to hang up his boots after breaking his neck over a year ago.

E told the press that while everything looks great and he’s not feeling any pain, spine specialists who worked on other WWE Superstars in the past and performed fusions on their neck said that if they were him, he would not wrestle again.

Pressed if there’s any timeline, Big E said no, and noted that he’s just grateful that he does not have any nerve paid.

“My strength is great, legit no issues whatsoever. So it’s just something I want to be smart about and make the very best decision for my life,” Big E said. “Hopefully I’d like to have have a lot of healthy life ahead of me. Unfortunately, right now, I have no answers. I feel great, but yeah, I have nothing.”

E broke his neck on the March 11, 2022 episode of Smackdown when Ridge Holland executed an overhead suplex on him but didn’t get enough height and Big E landed on his head, fracturing his C1 and C6 vertebrae.

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