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Big E back home recovering from broken neck

Former WWE champion Big E is now recovering at home in Tampa, Florida, after spending a few days in the hospital after he broke his neck on Friday Night Smackdown.

E suffered a fractured C1 and C6 vertebrae after he landed right on his head following a belly-to-belly suplex at ringside from Ridge Holland. He was taken straight to the hospital where scans showed a broken neck.

Thankfully, he will not require surgery but it will be an uncomfortable few months for The New Day member, wearing a neck brace and not being able to do pretty much anything as he slowly recovers.

“I used to endure difficult things in my life and I felt very alone. But I feel so immeasurably loved and supported,” Big E wrote in a tweet today. “I was not prepared for the sheer volume of DMs, calls, texts, visits, etc. I’ll never be able to adequately thank you all.”

Big E noted how Birmingham took good care of him and joked earlier that if you had to break your neck, do it in Birmingham, Alabama.

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