Betting odds for tonight’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view


According to the latest betting odds, John Cena and Randy Orton are the two favorites to win the WWE World Heavyweight title tonight at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view with Cena having 4/11 odds and Orton at 2/1. The other competitors have 11/2 for Reigns, 20/1 for Cesaro, 28/1 for Del Rio, Wyatt at 10/1, Kane at 20/1, and Sheamus at 28/1, making Sheamus and Del Rio the least likely.

In the other MITB ladder match, Rollins is at 2/9, Ziggler at 11/2, Swagger at 14/1, Kofi at 20/1, Ambrose at 7/2, Barrett at 7/1, and RVD at 16/1. With these odds, Rollins is the clear favorite.

Other odds for the show, Rusev is at 1/12 and Big E is 7/1, Goldust and Stardust are 1/8 vs the 9/2 of Rybaxel, Summer Rae is at 1/9 while Layla is 5/1, Page is at 1/7 and Naomi is at 9/2, and Wyatts are at 1/8 and Usos at 4/1.  Taking these betting odds into consideration, the winning line up sees Rusev, Goldust and Stardust, Summer Rae, Paige, and Wyatt Family.