Baron Corbin and Carmella leading the odds for MITB ladder matches


Baron Corbin is leading the pack in betting odds as the probable winner of the Money In The Bank ladder match tomorrow night.

Several websites are offering similar odds for tomorrow’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view including free spins in Unibet casino over at the Unibet website. Odds are most likely to change over the course of the next day as smart money comes in.

Corbin’s odds are at 1/2, the clear favorite and no one comes close so far. Shinsuke Nakamura is the second-favorite, although if history suggests, the last man who gets the upper hand on the go-home show is usually not the one who wins. Dolph Ziggler is, out of the six, the least-likely to win with odds at 25/1.

Meanwhile, over at the women’s side, Carmella is interestingly enough leading the odds as the clear favorite with the same odds as Baron Corbin of 1/2. Tamina shares the same odds of Ziggler of 25/1.