Anonymous Raw General Manager angle brought back


The much-hated anonymous Raw General Manager angle returned on the show last night much to the annoyance of WWE fans.

The sound byte that accompanies the Anonymous Raw GM messages was played at the end of Raw and Michael Cole then announced that next week the show will be Cyber Monday with fans deciding most of the matches and stipulations via the WWE app and he also announced that the Anonymous Raw General Manager would be resuming his duties from next Monday.

The angle started four years ago in June 2010 with Michael Cole reading messages from a laptop that was placed at ringside. The whole anonymous Raw GM angle ran for a whole year, then it came back in July 2012 and Santino Marella decided to find out who the person behind the laptop messages was. Eventually Hornswoggle looked like he was “outed” as the man behind it although he was never officially announced as the Anonymous Raw GM.