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Total Bellas S3 E3 episode recap: What Comes Up, Must Go Down

This episode of Total Bellas began right where the last one left off. John Cena and Nikki Bella were discussing the very serious subject of whether or not to call off their engagement. It seems while Nikki has feelings, she was sacrificing her own happiness in order to please John.

This was particularly evident when it came to the subject of children. John had an absentee father all through his formative years, and therefore had opted not to have children himself. On the other hand, Nikki had always dreamed of having children, but had thought that she was willing to sacrifice her lifelong dream in order to be with John.

John had also originally stated that he didn’t want to be married either, but changed his mind as his love for Nicole deepened. Perhaps because of this concession on John’s part, Nicole felt obligated to forgo her own dreams in favor of following his.

However, since the birth of her niece, Birdie, Nicole’s biological clock appears to be revving back up again, and she felt that she was no longer able to just ignore it because of her love for John. While the end of the couple’s relationship is certainly a blow for WWE fans, I for one applaud both Nicole and John for staying true to themselves and not ignoring their feelings.

After John and Nicole decided to call off the wedding, Nicole relied heavily on her family for support. This is only natural, however I found it odd that Nicole didn’t email some of her fellow Superstars with the news.

Her sister, Brie even offered to do it for her but Nicole refused her sister’s offer of help. Furthermore, Nicole didn’t even tell the team of people helping her and Brie to launch their lingerie line, Birdiebee. She even had to dodge questions about wedding planning from the company make up artist. Even more challenging was the taping of the Raw 25th anniversary special, at which Nikki and Brie reunited with all of their WWE co-workers.

Nikki remained professional throughout the event and never let anyone know her secret. The only rough patch for Nicole to be running into John at the at the event. She asked why John hadn’t texted or called her even though the couple agreed to give each other space following their breakup. It seemed as though Nicole was feeling remorseful about her decision. However, I felt as though the couple’s original plan was the best one and couldn’t understand Nicole’s frustration.

Another thing that I couldn’t understand was the fact that Brie seems to feel that since Nicole would be moving out of her and John’s home in San Diego, she and Daniel needed to rent a bigger house so that Nicole could move in with them. What I want to know, is why would Brie feel that Nicole would want to move in with her? Maybe, after the breakup of Nicole’s engagement Nicole would simply want time to herself.

The sisters living together with certainly add more drama to this season of Total Bellas!

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