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Memo from Destination America to staff shows no TNA past September

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer released the memo that was sent by Destination America to its staff regarding not renewing TNA Impact Wrestling once October 2015 rolls around.

TNA President Dixie Carter issued a strong denial regarding the rumors and said she would take legal action against those who keep fabricating lies about them and their broadcast partner. Carter held a conference call with her employees and talent yesterday and did not say anything about getting wiped from Destination America’s schedule.

“Destination America is not renewing TNA Wrestling next year. While the ratings were strong, the audience was not large enough to justify the program investment. We plan to honor the current contract and continue to air original episodes of TNA Wrestling on Friday nights through the end of the third quarter 2015,” the memo reads.

“When the up-front rate card is released, the Friday night anthology title will now be called ‘American Tales,’ which will be a combination of Paranormal and Americana programming. I hope this is good news given all of the advertisers that included TNA on their DNA list.”

One of the major problems that Destination America encountered was the lack of advertisers during the show. The “DNA list” that is mentioned in the memo refers to the do not advertise list.

Destination America yesterday announced that Ring of Honor will be added to its lineup starting June 3 on Wednesdays at 8PM EST, serving as the lead-in for TNA’s Impact.

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