Jarrett expected to stick around for a while as rumors of buyout dominate the Internet


The rumor going around is that Jeff Jarrett will work with TNA past this Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view and it’s possibly that Jarrett will be the next TNA Hall of Fame inductee this October.

It looks like Jarrett’s return is not only good for TNA, but Jarrett has apparently secured some TNA talent to appear on his Global Force Wrestling shows in the future.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s arrival on Wednesday was kept secret to everybody in the locker room, including TNA champion and Karen’s ex husband Kurt Angle. According to several rumors floating around, Angle wasn’t too pleased with the “blindside.” Jeff and Kurt had a pretty rough time in TNA for a while which also led to the temporary suspension of Jeff Jarrett after he was outed that he was going out with Angle’s wife. Eventually all three sorted out their personal problems and worked together for the best of the company.

There are also rumors that Jarrett will be taking a controlling interest in TNA, basically a role reversal of the current situation where Panda Energy controls the majority of TNA while Jeff is a minority investor. These rumors are just that and at the moment there’s nothing to them. Jarrett’s future is pretty much Global Force Wrestling and his return to TNA was simply to go out the way he wanted to go out in the first place and get some talent to appear on his shows in exchange.