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Impact Wrestling suspends Tommy Dreamer following Dark Side of the Ring comments

Following the explosive episode of Dark Side of the Ring covering the WWE Plane Ride From Hell, Impact Wrestling has suspended Tommy Dreamer effective immediately.

In a statement issued to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, Impact Wrestling said, “We are aware of Mr Laughlin’s (Tommy Dreamer) comments on ‘Dark Side of the Ring.’ The views expressed by him in the interview are completely unacceptable. We can confirm Mr Laughlin was suspended this morning with immediate effect, pending further action.”

With this suspension, Dreamer will miss the three days of TV tapings at the Skway Studios starting today where Impact will also record to all-women Impact Plus show.

In the episode which aired yesterday, Dreamer defended Ric Flair’s actions after flight attendant Heidi Doyle accused Flair of sexually harassing her mid-flight, forcing himself on her, and making her touch his genitals.

Dreamer said that Flair was just “stylin’ and profilin’” and never imposed any sexual stuff on anyone. “Obviously, somebody took offense to it,” Dreamer said bluntly, adding that his ponytail probably offends someone as well.

The former ECW champion later said that it was all a joke and Flair’s actions were just for fun and while today it would be unacceptable to act that way, he made it seem like it was okay for that time.

Dreamer also said that the flight attendant should not have taken the WWE payout to settle the case out of court and should have used the full extent of the law to get justice.

During the episode, multiple witnesses said that Flair wore his robe but with nothing underneath, he exposed himself and made his “well-endowed penis” spin like helicopter blades while rotating his hips.

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