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Impact Wrestling issues statement after three of its wrestlers are accused of improper behavior

The sexual abuse and improper behavior accusations also hit Impact Wrestling and three of its wrestlers.

Joey Ryan, Michael Elgin, and Dave Crist are all being accused by different women and Anthem Sports & Entertainment were forced to issue a statement regarding these accusations.

Ryan is being accused of sexual abuse after a wrestler by the name of Corinne Mink tweeted that after she went to pick up Ryan at an airport, he groped her breasts and thighs in an attempt to get her to his hotel room. Mink addressed the situation to the promoter and they apologized to her and promised that they wouldn’t book Ryan again, although they did 18 months later.

Another wrestler by the name of Kaitlin Diemond said that Elgin, using a fake name, sent her several messages in 2016 including a dick pic. “Who wants to see Mike Elgins dick pic? I still have the convo, unwanted photo, and emails he tried to send me under a fake name in 2016. @JordynneGrace tried to help me bring this to light when his first scandal came out but the wrestling media didn’t care,” she wrote. Diemond said that they messages stopped after she confronted him about it and said she had a conversation with him now and he didn’t acknowledge that he sent her emails under a fake name and “didn’t remember” sending the dick pick.

Crist is being accused by a wrestler named Ziggy Haim who said that he sent her photos of sexual nature that she didn’t request and said that he had feelings for her a day after they started texting. “I was 100% groomed and sent unwanted photos by Dave Crist but anytime I spoke about it I felt like I didn’t have a voice because I was a 20 year old trainee or was laughed at because ‘he shows everyone his dick,’ she wrote.

In a statement, Anthem said, “It is a core value of the Anthem organization that we conduct our business with respect and integrity, providing a safe and secure work environment for our employees and performers. We are following carefully the various allegations being made through social media, and are reviewing all incidents involving Impact Wrestling talent and personnel to determine an appropriate course of action.”

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