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A look at the 2018 Impact Wrestling ratings

2018 was supposed to be a great year for Impact Wrestling, with new writers and leadership but their television audience took a big hit, certainly not helped by POP’s decision to move the show to a later time slot.

Over the course of 52 weeks, Impact on POP averaged 250,000 viewers, down from the 283,000 viewers of 2017. Up until September, when Impact aired from 8PM to 10PM, the show actually averaged 281,000 viewers but then took a big nose dive once it was moved to the later time slot. Once the show moved to the 10PM time slot, the average of those episodes dropped to 119,000.

Impact crossed the 350,000 viewer mark six times during the year, an improvement over last year’s just once.

The most-watched Impact of 2018 was the March 29 episode which got 399,000 viewers. That was followed by the April 12 show which had 381,000, and the April 19 episode with 373,000 viewers.

The least-watched Impact was the October 25 episode, the first night that the show was moved to 10PM and got just 98,000 viewers. The November 15 episode did 101,000 viewers, and the November 1 show did 105,000 to round up the top three least-watched shows of the year.

Impact now moves to The Pursuit Channel on Friday, January 11, 2019 where it will air on Friday nights still in the same 10PM time slot.

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