The 4 Horsemen go in the WWE Hall of Fame
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Apr 1, 2012 - 1:13:48 AM

The 4 hand sign was up everywhere at the American Airlines Arena as the legendary group the 4 Horsemen cemented their rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Dusty Rhodes was out first to introduce each of the five members. Rhodes went on to explain the greatness of each person in the Horsemen, calling Flair a "national treasure" and praising Arn Anderson in particular.

After Rhodes was done, Flair, Dillon, Blanchard, Windham, and Anderson, all walked out to a big standing ovation and a lot of "woooos" from the crowd.

JJ Dillon took the mic first and was over in a few minutes and was then followed by Ric Flair, who recounted a few stories including the one drinking with John Cena and getting screamed at by his then-wife for hanging with someone who's 30 years younger than him. Flair was pretty emotional and cried a bit during his speech. There was no mention of TNA whatsoever.

Barry Windham talked next, followed by Tully Blanchard. Blanchard talked how he hit the lowest of lows with his father passing away and hitting the highest of highs being in the Hall of Fame all in one week.

Arn Anderson was the last one to talk and got the only sole standing ovation from the crowd and his peers. Double A was also pretty emotional in his speech, talking about his family and mentoring the young WWE Superstars.

You can see a video of their introduction to the Hall of Fame below.

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