DX induct Mike Tyson into the WWE Hall of Fame
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Apr 1, 2012 - 9:19:15 AM

Shawn Michaels and Triple H took the funny routine when introducing boxing legend Mike Tyson to the Hall of Fame.

HHH recounted a story of a few years back when there was a Tyson fight and the two had to rush to a nearby sports bar after a live show. They were running late and by the time Shawn parked the car, the fight was already over, with only HHH being able to see it because he jumped out .

Triple H knocked on his partner some more then recounting the WrestleMania story when Tyson knocked out HBK following his match against Stone Cold. The two laughed and HBK had to turn around more than once to cover the fact that he was laughing in what was supposed to be a "serious" banter between the two.

Eventually Triple H asked HBK to announce Tyson as apparently he's better at him in everything, which got a nice laugh from the crowd. Shawn ironically fluffed his lines and needed three tries to do it.

Tyson began speaking and cracked some jokes of his own, saying he would have loved to be a pro wrestler but he never had the opportunity because he got arrested! He said that if he didn't work WrestleMania XIV, he would have had no house and no money.

In closing, Tyson said he didn't know that John Cena was black since he does the gang signs and all that which got a huge laugh from the crowd as Tyson imitated Cena. Tyson also said that Dusty Rhodes was black too and made a remark that had the people go "ooooooooh" and he was immediately cut, and he ran to the back laughing!

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