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The Dragon is back and gets next Light Heavyweight title shot

After the main event ended and the lights dimmed it is “The Dragon” Lyoto Machida who is told that he will be next in line for the light heavyweight championship.

Machida avoided most of the strikes that Bader threw at him. Whether stepping to the side or landing the counter before Bader can connect. As the fight started and Bader tried to come in close either to strike or tie him up, Machida would be waiting with big knees to the body or the short elbows.

Bader abandoned that plan until the second round when by than Machida was comfortable. Machida was waving his arms and seem to be hypnotizing Bader right out of his game plan. When Bader charged in full steam ahead it was like Machida saw him coming from a mile out and delivered a straight right hand to the jaw of a charging Bader.

Bader came to a dead stop and fell to his back out cold. Bader said after the fight that he has no idea what happened he thought he was still fighting and woke up to a bunch of people around him.

In his interview with Joe Rogan after the fight, Machida in English, exclaimed for everyone to hear the “the dragon is back!” Dana White was in agreement as after the main event came to a close by Shogun getting the TKO stoppage in the fourth round he proclaimed that Machida was next. Dana also gave props to Vera and the heart and determination that he displayed tonight.

After the fights, Lyoto sat with the Fuel TV crew and Chael Sonnen commented that he came into the fight at 201 wearing shorts and drinking water. So Chael asked him out right if he was going to take the fight or move to 185? Lyoto said that he will take the opportunity at the 205 championship but in the future may cut down since the max he gets up to between fights is 215lbs.

In the bonuses for the night the each receive $50,000 and go as follows:

Knockout of the Night: Mike Swick

Fight of the Night: Joe Lauzon vs Jamie Varner

Sub of the Night: Joe Lauzon

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