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No more MMA coverage on W-O

We have decided to stop covering mixed martial arts here on Wrestling-Online.com due to lack of resources from our end among other factors.

Covering wrestling is already a difficult task, adding MMA to the mix was a big undertaking, but with the help of our MMA TV reporter David Comer it was a bit easier. He wrote tons of PPV and TV reports over the past year and we appreciate all the work he’s done for the site.

Unfortunately though without additional help, covering MMA was going to be impossible. It is because of that that we are sadly closing our MMA chapter on Wrestling-Online.com. We’re still fans of the sport, and will continue to follow it as always, but we’re just not going to write about it here.

The MMA section on our mobile apps will still be appearing until the next update. Stories will not be updated and the section will be eventually removed with the next release.

Thank you for your support.

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