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Vice TV to premiere Chyna documentary on June 17

On Thursday, June 17, Vice TV will premiere the new Chyna documentary simply titled Chyna.

The documentary will chronicle the rise and fall of the former WWE Women’s and Intercontinental champion told through exclusive footage from the last year of her life.

“Joanie aka Chyna’s meteoric rise and fall is the stuff of Shakespearian drama, but underneath all that flash, she was an intelligent and sensitive person who struggled with addiction,” director Mariah Strauch told PEOPLE.com in an interview.

Strauch said that the documentary will give viewers an intimate and unfiltered view of her personal journey as a pop culture icon and beyond and will compassionately tell the true story of Chyna’s last year of life.

Her mother, Janet LaQue, is part of the documentary and said that it was important for her to tell her side of the story.

“Joanie’s story is important to tell because people should know the vast extent her life’s positive impact had on so many others,” she said. “Her gentle, loving and caring way was astounding despite the inner grief and sadness she carried at the same time.”

This project is separate from the Dark Side of the Ring series and is a standalone documentary.

You can see a teaser of what’s to come below.

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