Scott Steiner denying accusations from Hogan and his wife


Former WCW champion Scott Steiner is denying all the accusations against him brought forward by Hulk Hogan and his wife Jennifer after an alleged incident at the San Jose airport the week of WrestleMania.

Steiner says he did not put his hands on Jennifer although he did admit approaching her to voice his “disappointment” – to put it very nicely – that Hogan was inducting Savage in the Hall of Fame. Steiner told TMZ that everyone knows that Savage hated Hogan and the fact that Hogan was chosen to do the honors is “bullshit.”

Steiner added that cops were nearby in the airport during the alleged incident but Jennifer did not go to talk to them. He said that police has not contacted him yet despite the reports that the San Jose police department are investigating the case.

Big Poppa Pump said that Hogan is acting “like a scared little bitch” and it’s not his fault that Hogan is afraid of him.