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Rumors that WWE is buying out EVOLVE intensify

There are a lot of rumors flying around that pro wrestling company EVOLVE is being sold to WWE, a transaction which would also include the video library.

WWE and EVOLVE has shared a working relationship for the past five years and its owner, Gabe Sapolsky, is even a consultant for WWE in the NXT brand. WWE sends over their talent most of the time when EVOLVE has a show and EVOLVE has also provided a lot of its talent to the NXT brand.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer adds to the story that EVOLVE has a lot of financial problems and not running shows during WrestleMania 36 week were the final nail in the coffin so to speak as that week was a big factor in the company surviving financially.

Getting ownership of EVOLVE’s video library would be a major plus for the WWE Network as EVOLVE has 144 events. The last show the company held was in January of this year, a show which included NXT’s Dexter Lumis in the main event.

WWE Network streamed EVOLVE’s 10th Year Anniversary Celebration special last year which included a special appearance from Paul Heyman and two NXT matches featuring Riddle vs Gulak and Cole vs Tozawa.

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