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Ronda Rousey pays tribute to Hana Kimura and tackles the subject of cyber bullying

Former Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey posted a tribute to Hana Kimura, the 22-year-old Japanese star who was found dead yesterday after a suspected suicide stemming from cyber bullying.

“To Hana Kimura and her family, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. .. There are no words that could possibly heal this wound… Rest In Peace Hana Kimura,” Rousey wrote in a post on her social media.

Rousey continued to tackle the unfortunate subject of cyber bullying and posted numbers that people suffering could call to get help. “Cyber bullying is a very real and growing threat to us all as a society. Succumbing isn’t weakness, it’s human,” Rousey continued. “We have evolved to feel as if our lives depend on social acceptance because the majority of human history our survival has depended on our social groups and standing within them.”

The former UFC champion wrote that she knows those trolls who spend their days harassing others online are battling their own mental demons but suggested they should find another way “to release your venom in a way that won’t poison others.”

Several other wrestling personalities also discussed bullying in their tweets after addressing the Kimura story.

“Be the kindness you wish you received instead of malice and neglect you’re trying to pay back. Don’t pass it on, protect the world from what you’ve had to endure instead of spreading it,” Rousey concluded.

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