Ric Flair surprises 49ers team with speech at hotel


As the San Francisco 49ers players waited in a meeting room, the lights went out, Ric Flair’s video played on the projector and his theme hit the speakers, and then, woooo! Out came the Nature Boy!

When the players realized that Flair was there in person, the lights went up and everyone erupted in cheers and clapped as they stood there in disbelief looking like 10 year old kids in a candy shop.

“San Francisco 49ers and the Nature Boy in one town at the same time. Not good,” said Flair as cell phones came out to video tape the pep talk. Flair said that he was honored to be there to talk to the team after he was told that they were fans of him.

There were a lot of woos and struts at the end of the meeting and it seems like Flair inspired the team as the 49ers went on to win 23-20 against the Green Bay Packers yesterday.

You can see the video below.