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Ric Flair says he’ll never work for WWE again as long as Nick Khan is there

During his latest episode of the Wooooo! Uncensored podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair said that he will never work for WWE again as long as WWE President Nick Khan is there in the company.

Flair claimed that it was Khan who was the mastermind behind removing his “Wooooo!” from the opening WWE video, replacing him with fellow Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior.

“I could never work for Nick Khan in my entire life,” Flair said. “Vince McMahon…I could work for,” he continued, stating that he still talks to Vince every now and then and has zero issues with him.

But his animosity towards Khan is telling, saying that not even in a million years he’d go back to WWE with Khan in his current President position.

The Nature Boy, who said he’d never go work for Vince’s competition unless they do “something stupid” to him, said there have been no discussions with Tony Khan from AEW.

“Now, they’ve done some really stupid stuff. So that door is open. But I have not talked to Tony. I haven’t heard a word from them,” Flair said. There were rumors that Flair was going to AEW but then the Dark Side of the Ring episode of the Plane Ride From Hell aired and everything was put on the back burner until the story fades.

It was Flair who asked to be let go from WWE a few months ago and said that money was not an issue and now he’s making more money than ever before.

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