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Ric Flair responds to Becky Lynch after she calls his tweet “sad”

Addressing a Ric Flair tweet where he said he’ll personally go to Survivor Series to see if Becky Lynch can really match up to his daughter, Becky told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour yesterday that she found the tweet “sad.”

The Nature Boy wrote that there’s not enough choreography in the business” to save her and Becky admitted she had a pretty good tweet as a reply but decided against posting it.

“This is a legend at one point. A 16-time world champion. And now Ric Flair is jealous of me? And that’s cool. It’s cool for me,” Lynch told Helwani. “I looked at it [the tweet] and I wrote out a response that would have really been quite biting,” she continued. “I deleted it and I let it go, because I think it’s really sad.”

Lynch’s biting response was probably in relation to Flair’s latest troubles which popped up when the Dark Side of the Ring episode from the Plane Ride from Hell aired.

Lynch said that Ric is now trying to use her to promote “whatever he has going on next” simply because he dug himself into a hole with other issues.

Flair did not take long to respond and said that he was so disappointed with her, attaching a screenshot of a story when he sold the rights to “The Man” to WWE.

“I did this out of respect for you. It made you millions & made me nothing,” Ric wrote. “After 40 years of being The Man… the company doesn’t own it, and neither do you! I’ll always be The Man! Ask your husband.”

Flair added that he’s done defending his legacy and appreciates everyone’s hard work and will respect everyone’s opinion to agree or disagree. “All I can say is the paper trail is always the be all and end all.”

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