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Pat McAfee denies asking AEW about a job

During the AEW media conference call yesterday, Cody Rhodes made a comment about Pat McAfee inquiring about a job with the company “every other day,” prompting McAfee to deny what Rhodes said about him.

Rhodes said that he finds it odd that McAfee took digs at Shaquille O’Neal especially since he’s been trying to land a job with All Elite Wrestling.

McAfee, who is associated with NXT and is expected to return at some point, reacted to Rhodes’ comments on his show The Pat McAfee Show.

“Cody Rhodes said that I’ve been trying to get employed by AEW or whatever every other day? That is not true, okay? I got to contemplate retirement here more than contemplating going to AEW,” McAfee said. He acknowledged that he was in a spat with a couple of AEW stars, notably Miro, who he called “an old friend of ours,” saying that he came at them and they flipped the script on him.

“And Shaq obviously, I do have to watch that match tonight but aside from that I am not [looking for a job.] I just would like to let that be very…clear.”

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