Home General Over a dozen nude Kaitlyn photos leaked

Over a dozen nude Kaitlyn photos leaked


The hacker who released the censored Kaitlyn nude photo this past weekend kept his promise and released over a dozen of nude photos of the former WWE Diva. The images were published on the 4Chan image board.

Kaitlyn, real name Celeste Bonin, is seen in multiple poses in front of a mirror, exposing her private parts. The photos are hard to contest that it is not her especially because of the unmistakable lips tattoo on her butt.

These photos do not seem from during her time in WWE and look more recent judging from her look now compared to her WWE days. Last year she posed nude for Bodybuilding.com’s Bodies of Work Volume 4 although all her private parts were artistically hidden.

Bonin has so far not publicly addressed the leak.

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