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Hogan refiles lawsuit against Gawker in Florida

After dismissing the federal lawsuit against Gawker for the posting of his sex tape, Hulk Hogan refiled the lawsuit against the same company in a Florida state court.

TMZ.COM is reporting that Hogan is once again seeking $100 million from Gawker and has refiled the case to consolidate his claims against the NY-based media company and Heather Clem, the person who he had sex with in the tape.

Hogan – who already had a lawsuit filed against Clem in Florida – claims that the former wife of Bubba “The Love Sponge” played a part in leaking the sex tape to the media.

Gawker posted a one minute video clip of Hulkamania running wild all over Clem a few months ago and then gave a detailed description of the whole video, almost blow by blow.

His lawsuit against Bubba was dropped after the two reached an agreement out of court and then Bubba apologized twice to Hogan on his radio show.

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