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Former ECW/WWE star Justin Credible vows to get clean again after indy show mess

Former ECW and WWE wrestler Justin Credible made a fool out of himself on Friday after he stormed the ring during an indy show promoted by Blitzkrieg! Pro while being drunk.

Credible came in the ring holding a pipe and asked for a microphone, which obviously was not given to him. He spoke to the fans and wrestlers around the ring but the promoter of the show got super ticked off and asked Credible to get the hell out of his ring. “I’m the guy that’s paying you tonight and asked you not to come here because you reek like booze and you tell everybody that you’re sober?” the promoter said as he stood ringside. “You’re not. And all these people paid to see you and you’re in there glossed over. Stumbling everywhere. Get out!”

He eventually left, but not before he tried to come back to the ring. His way was blocked and Credible finally left.

Posting a video earlier today, Justin Credible said he was going to rehab sponsored by WWE but he had a bad night and thought it was a good idea to drink. “It’s not wrestling’s fault. It’s my fault. I f*cked up,” Credible said.

He added that he’s starting a new journey now thanks to the help of Diamond Dallas Page. “All I want from this is to redeem myself, for me and my family and the few fans I have left out there,” Credible continued in the video.

He thanked Sean Waltman for listening to him cry for over an hour as he explained his problems and suicidal thoughts and then thanked WWE, in particular Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon for helping him. “I’m not going to f*ck up again. Just please, please, please have faith in me one more time. Please,” he concluded.

You can see his scene from the Blitzkrieg! Pro event and the subsequent video he filmed below.


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