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Ember Moon discusses WWE meeting to “dress sexy” and coaching role


In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE Superstar Ember Moon aired her frustrations which led to her leaving the company earlier this year, including the order to “dress sexy.”

Now going by the name of Athena, she said that one day at a talent meeting, she was told to dress sexy, something that she didn’t appreciate.

“I was like ‘[laughs] I cater to children! I am not about to wear fishnets and booty butt cheek shorts because we had a 2-hour meeting about how to dress like Mandy Rose,” Athena said. “That’s not fair, not everyone is like Mandy. Mandy is a phenomenal person, but not everyone is Mandy Rose!”

She noted that everything started going downhill when Triple H was gone and no one was told why he was gone. The powers that be took her off television for doing nothing wrong and that hurt her a lot.

“It became where I got so angry. I did nothing wrong, I didn’t p*ss of Vince, but they take away Shotzi and I am off TV,” Athena recounted. Eventually she was offered a role as a WWE Performance Center coach and teach classes.

“I said to them ‘I am not coming up here to coach, I am not doing your PC shows. I was supposed to be here in NXT to be repackaged and be back on main roster within a year. You took Shotzi away from me, I have nothing to go off of. I am going home, cancel my flights and hotels. If you have no creative for me, I am not getting on that flight. I am not doing this anymore, or else I will snap, either at you or a talent,'” she continued.

She also said that before she got on any flight, she had to approve her own creative and that was the first time she ever pulled that card.

“I remember thinking I just quit,” she said.