Dwayne Johnson helps Hugh Jackman get in shape for latest movie


Access Hollywood has a story online how actor Hugh Jackman enlisted the help of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to get in shape for his upcoming movie The Wolverine.

The story notes that Jackman built his body up for his previous movies however this time around he was doing another movie, Les Miserables, which required him to drop a large amount of weight. The Wolverine started filming immediately afterward and Jackman thought there’s no one better than the former WWE champ to help him get in shape.

“First of all, he said, ‘When you’re lean-ing down, still keep your strength. You can still go in and push weights, so that as soon as you start eating again you’ll go back quickly’. But, he said, ‘You gotta eat 6,000 calories a day, you’ve gotta train three hours,'” Jackman recounted.

Jackman said that he exchanged phone calls with The Rock during the whole process and one time he called Johnson who was in the trailer himself waiting to go on set to film scenes for one of his movies.

“In the background someone knocked on his trailer door and he goes, ‘Hang on a second!’ He opens it up, he goes, ‘I’m talking to Wolverine, you tell them on set they can wait,'” he laughed.