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Dark Side of the Ring season three premieres tonight on Vice at 9PM ET

The third season of Dark Side of the Ring premieres tonight on Vice with a highly-anticipated two-hour show on Brian Pillman.

The first hour of the Pillman episode was released by Vice earlier this week on digital but it will air on TV for the first time tonight starting at 9PM ET.

Season three will have a total of 14 episodes and will be split in two, with the second part airing in the Summer. Other episodes running in the first half of this season are WCW/NJPW Collision In Korea, Nick Gage, The Ultimate Warrior, Grizzly Smith and his family, and The Dynamite Kid. The second part will consist of the WWE steroid trial, FMW, Luna Vachon, WWE’s plane ride from hell, XPW, Johnny K-9, and Chris Kanyon.

All episodes will be narrated by Chris Jericho, who returns after he did the narration for the second season. Interviews conducted for these episodes included Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Jon Moxley, Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page, Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, David Arquette, Antonio Inoki, Rob Van Dam, Terry Funk, and the former wife of Ultimate Warrior, Shari Tyree.

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