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Dark Side of the Ring dropped by VICE after Plane Ride From Hell controversies

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Dark Side of the Ring was not renewed for season four by VICE after several controversies stemming from the Plane Ride From Hell episode.

The series was the most popular show in the history of VICE but that did not save it from getting canned. Apparently, those interviewed for the Plane Ride From Hell episode had different versions and with WWE doing tons of overseas tour at the time plus going back 20 years, it led to several mistakes and confusion in production.

One of the biggest mistakes was that Vince and Linda McMahon were on that particular flight but in reality, the two were not, and those interviewed were confusing different trips. Jim Ross later stated that he would not be participating in future DSOTR episodes. Ross was on that flight and was said to be the man in charge.

The episode also was not great for Ric Flair who ended up getting the majority of the flack for his antics on the plane.

Meanwhile, the Observer also states that Seven Bucks Productions, the company led by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is teaming up with the producers of Dark Side of the Ring to produce a new series for VICE, covering the territorial days of professional wrestling.

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