Chyna confronts Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral


Former DX member Sean “X-Pac” Waltman wrote on Twitter that Chyna bumped into Triple H during the Roddy Piper funeral on Tuesday in an attempt to open dialogue.

“She bum rushed Hunter & said ‘Sorry for Everything,’” Waltman wrote on Twitter, adding that the move was pretty “pathetic.” He noted that Chyna was very close to being taken down by security although he is not sure if she knew it or not. He said that the whole confrontation lasted around 20 seconds.

In a previous tweet, Waltman alluded that Chyna “crashed” the funeral service although he then deleted that tweet and said she was actually invited and apologized for using that word. Chyna and X-Pac are not on best terms at the moment after she accused X-Pac of raping her in the past to film their sex tape. X-Pac, who was listening to the show Chyna was on when she made the remark, called live and confronted her on the air about labeling him as a rapist.