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Cain Velasquez returns to the ring for Lucha Libre AAA

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez returned to the wrestling ring last night for Lucha Libre AAA’s show in Tempe, Arizona.

Velasquez, who was also under a WWE deal a few years ago, teamed up with Blue Demon Jr and Pagano for a trios match against Taurus, Sam Adonis, and Gringo Loco. He won the match for his team with a power bomb off the ropes. Following the match, he addressed the crowd and told them to never stop believing and never stop fighting.

He has not wrestled since December 4, 2021 and was just recently released on $1 million bail from prison.

The mixed martial artist received special permission from a judge to travel to Arizona and remove his GPS monitor but had to be accompanied by and pay for a law enforcement official to be with him throughout the trip.

Velasquez was arrested after he chased down and shot at a truck which included a man who allegedly sexually assaulted his son. He is now facing an attempted murder charge and spent nine months in prison waiting for bail.

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