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Bret Hart apologizes to Michael Hayes and Seth Rollins

In a turn of events, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart apologized to Michael Hayes and Seth Rollins for the things he has been saying about them lately in a post on Facebook.

Earlier this week Hart said that Hayes and the Freebirds have no place in the Hall of Fame because they never did anything for the wrestling business. He also referred to the group as “pill heads” who were always drunk. Hayes replied to Bret, calling him out for being bitter and for “crapping on others.”

“I’d like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Michael Hayes. A while back I made comments about the Freebirds not being as worthy of being in the WWE Hall of Fame as others. It was unfair for me to dismiss their contributions to the industry,” Bret wrote. Bret added that Hayes and the rest of the Freebirds always treated him with respect he’s sorry that he disrespected any of them with his comments.

Rollins has been a target of Hart ever since he broke John Cena’s nose. Things got worse when he wrestled Sting and performed the power bomb to the turnbuckle that pretty much ended his wrestling career. Hart’s harsh criticism of Rollins continued when he performed the same move on Finn Balor, this time on the security wall, which tore his shoulder. Hart ripped on Rollins, calling him an unsafe wrestler who has no regard for other people’s safety.

“Furthermore I apologize to both Triple H and Seth Rollins for any hurtful comments I made on my podcast. The reality of all this is the reason I quit doing podcasts in general, because they’re for the most part an outlet for negativity, and have left me with a reputation as being angry and bitter,” Bret wrote.

Bret said that he’s not bitter and he only spoke openly and candidly but it’s no excuse for minimizing other wrestlers or their contributions.

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