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WWE Road To WrestleMania Tour Ontario

It is WrestleMania season in the WWE and whilst the main event is not set to take place until April 2 and April 3, 2022, at the home of NFL team the Dallas Cowboys, the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, there is plenty of build-up to the showpiece of the professional wrestling and sports entertainment industry.

Indeed, WrestleMania has become an iconic sports event and one that is watched by millions around the world, as they get to watch their favorite superstars compete against each other on the biggest stage of them all.

The show became synonymous at one point in history because of the streak that The Undertaker had once managed to create before seeing it be broken by Brock Lesnar, however there is no denying that the 38th edition of the event will be as big and as good, if not better than the rest to have happened before it.

WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania Tour to steamroll through Toronto

Canadians will be able to get their own taste of the action in the very near future as the WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania will finally go through the country on its continued tour ahead of the main event that will take place next month.

Initially scheduled to have taken place last year on December 29, 2021, Canadians have had to be patient and wait for their favorite superstars to storm through Toronto, Ontario. The event will be one of the final nights to take place before the two-night spectacle as it takes place on Sunday, March 27, 2022, and will be held at the Coca-Cola Coliseum.

What will those in attendance get to see?

The WWE always continues to be able to put on the very best shows when they arrive in a destination, whether it be in the U.S., Canada, or overseas in places such as Europe or in Saudi Arabia, therefore it should be expected that a top show will be on offer to those that attend the event in Toronto.

According to the event stadium’s official website, there have already been a number of different matches to have been confirmed, whilst it has also been revealed that there will be a very special guest in attendance that will be hosting the show for Canadians in attendance.

None other than the legendary WWE Hall of Famer and Toronto’s own Trish Stratus is scheduled to host proceedings. For those that do not quite know what Trish had managed to accomplish in her WWE career, her list of accomplishments is rather impressive.

Amongst many, perhaps the two highlights of her career include the fact that she won the WWE Women’s Championship an impressive seven times, whilst recently in 2021, she was named the No. 1 of the top 50 Greatest WWE Female Superstars of all time.

A host of the biggest names are also thought to be on the card, although it is important to note that this can change at any moment, therefore it is perhaps wise to check the listings out immediately prior to the show in order to know what to potentially expect.

Indeed, by checking out what the card looks like for the WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania Tour beforehand, it could provide Canadians with a better chance of trying to identify who they may want to place a wager on.

With a number of legal Ontario sportsbooks now available to utilize, players could look to try and further enhance their viewing experience whilst attending the show and place a wager as the matches take place by betting on what they think will happen.

Practicing their betting and using the best sportsbooks Ontario has could enable them to maximize their chances of having a successful experience when WrestleMania comes around a week later. As they say, practice makes perfect, and familiarizing yourself might just be the difference between a positive and negative experience.

What will we see at WrestleMania 38?

Naturally, the WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania Tour in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is all in aid to build up the main event the weekend after, therefore it is perhaps wise to take a look and see what could potentially be expected.

As highlighted already, WrestleMania 38 will take place across two days as the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will host the event on April 2 and April 3, 2022. With the showpiece and the defining event of the WWE calendar taking place over two nights now, there is certainly a lot to look forward to.

Let’s take a look at what we already know to expect on each night, including the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin:


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