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Wrestling themed eateries with great food

Themed restaurants cater to a great multitude of tastes. Unfortunately, restaurants catering specifically to the tastes of our fellow wrestling fans out there come rather thinly spread. Wrestling themed restaurants are places where fans of the sports show would come to dine while surrounded by paraphernalia made famous by their heroes. Food is served from menus offering items named after the sports stars they so greatly admire. This gives them the chance to take a seat and relax while enjoying a John Cena burger or taco.

If you are a true fan of the WWE and also happen to place a wager or two in hopes of proving a point, doing so at an online bookmaker to receive the best odds and highest levels of convenience is recommended. To get access to the greatest number of first-class online betting markets covering the largest range of betting options for professional wrestling I highly recommend downloading the Unibet mobile app. The following restaurants in our discussion fulfil the pleasure of themed eateries exceedingly well, serving great food at good prices and a fantastic atmosphere.

John Cena Burger & Taco, located in Monterrey, Mexico

This is one of the excellent eateries where you can launch into a tasty John Cena Burger with gusto, but only if you are brave enough. John Cena Burger & Taco is a Mexico based WWE themed restaurant completely non-affiliated with the WWE itself. A giant neon display depicting John Cena sits atop this purveyor of fine foods. Its actual gastric delights and service have received mixed reviews averaging around 6.7 from a maximum of 10 points on the widely used Foursquare mobile app.

The dishes on the menu pay homage to wrestling greats such as Batista, The Great Khali, Randy Orton, and numerous others. So, if you are ever in Mexico and get a hankering for WWE themed Mexican food you can satisfy your craving in style.

Abdullah The Butcher House of Ribs & Chinese Food

Visitors to Atlanta and locals with a craving for ribs or Chinese takeouts have a place to go to. Abdullah The Butcher House of Ribs & Chinese Food is, as you would have guessed, the property of WWE star Abdullah the Butcher. It serves the very best barbecue in the surrounding areas. If you want to buy food and drinks from Richardsons Smoke House, visit us today.

The interior, as one would expect from the establishment’s name once you’ve made the connection, has its walls slathered with pro-wrestling associated paraphernalia and memorabilia. Numerous good reviews from curious people visiting purely out of semi-bored curiosity expressed their pleasant surprise regarding the fine dining experience they had.

Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater

Located in Kissimmee, Florida visitors undergo an experience they can never possibly duplicate elsewhere. Its name perfectly describes the dining experience its patrons live through, yes, live through, since your table literally sits ringside. While you enjoy your meal massive, sweaty, grunting, bellowing mastodons of professional wrestling carry out their antics go right next to your table. Aptly named “Wrestling Dinner Theater” it is, for a paltry admission fee, a family dinner experience instead of just another meal at another boring bistro!

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