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Wrestling rockers: pro wrestlers as rock stars

Apologies to 80s fans of the Rock N’ Wrestling Era when MTV partnered with the WWF that saw pro wrestling return to the centre-stage limelight. Instead, this article aims to take a closer look at a number of professional wrestling stars who made a career transformation, turning their hidden talents into a fully-fledged musical career. In some instances, these exceptional individuals started out as artists in the music industry prior to their pro wrestling years.

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Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo, a woman’s tag team known as The Crush Gals, pioneered women’s professional wrestling into a new era by practicing their athletic craft from 1980 to 1989. In the process capturing four WWA World Tag Team Championship titles, while in addition also wrestling individually for the All-Japan Woman’s Pro Wrestling (AJW). The Japan native duo also became iconic pop stars in their home country, reporting numerous Top 10 hit songs throughout their 80s musical and wrestling careers.

Jimmy Hart first started his career in the music entertainment industry as one of the original founders of The Gentry’s in 1963, a Memphis pop rock band, many years prior to earning his moniker “The Mouth of the South” as one of the most colorful managers in pro wrestling. Prior to their breakup in 1966 the band managed to record a massive hit “Keep on Dancing” that came in at #4 on the Billboard. Through Hart’s efforts, the group reformed during 1969 where-after the band managed to keep it together for a couple more years. This resulted in a song called “Cinnamon Girl” released prior to the Neil Young version. The band members finally went their separate ways sometime during 1972.

Mickie James left WWE Superstardom behind her in 2010 and directly after began promoting and working on her newly chosen career in country music. In the years since she produced two complete full-length country albums, with the first record Strangers & Angels arriving in 2010 already. She followed that up with Somebody’s Gonna Pay in 2013 and continued with the 2016 release of a new single called Shooting Blanks. 2017 saw “Shooting Blanks” win a NAMMY, crowned as song of the year, with its success followed by her induction into The Native American Musical Awards Hall of Fame.

In 2006, after successfully making her escape from her successful career in the WWE, Lita formed The Luchagors, a punk rock band that managed to release quite a successful debut album. Produced by Rachel Bolan, the bassist for Skid Row, Tim Armstrong from Rancid showed enough interest to sign the band up with Hellcat Records, his own label. In 2012 as the band prepared for recording their follow-up album with Lars Fredrickson, another Rancid member, the band seemingly dissolved shortly after making the announcement.

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