Weed and wrestling: Top 10 wrestlers who have enjoyed marijuana

The majority of professional wrestlers regularly take part in cannabis use; in fact, this habit has been documented as far back as the 1980s. The most notable change from that time is that it is now socially unacceptable and may have severe repercussions, even for wrestlers, for anybody caught doing it. Whatever the case, it hasn’t prevented some WWE stars from hitting the weed or marijuana when they’re not playing.

Top 10 WWE Superstars Who Are Big Fans of Marijuana

In recent years, the usage of marijuana has led to the suspension of many superstars in the WWE, as it has in other professional sports. Some wrestlers still won’t face the truth about a story that goes back decades. Others would prefer to switch leagues only to keep smoking hemp buds since they like it so much. Here are some WWE wrestlers who like smoking cannabis:

  • Jack Swagger

In Mississippi, he was once apprehended for driving under the influence after traffic stops for speeding. His possession allegation was ultimately dismissed, although the police did say they discovered marijuana in his vehicle. However, Swagger was oblivious to the heavyweight title race due to the increased fan involvement, rather than the other way around. The arrest and subsequent drug test failures sent Swagger tumbling down the corporate ladder.

  • The Godfather

From the late ’90s until the early ’00s, The Godfather appeared in professional wrestling as a persona. He often appeared in the ring with a bunch of lovely ladies. Subsequently, he would stroll about while holding the microphone, uttering outrageous things you would never think he could get away with. Charles Wright, the actor playing the role, has also come clean about his marijuana use.

It was obvious that WWE’s higher management needed to figure out what they were dealing with at this zenith of the attitude period. In subsequent interviews, the Godfather discussed that era, stating that he felt comfortable discussing his marijuana usage in such detail.

  • Jeff Hardy

Since making his start with the firm in the late ’90s, Jeff Hardy has had his share of problems with alcohol and drugs, so his placement on this list should not be surprising. His talent in the ring remains unimpeachable, and he constantly seems to improve upon his performance before leaving the business despite his many setbacks. His career took a hit due to many suspensions stemming from drug usage, which tarnished his reputation. But he still thinks marijuana should be legalized for medical use in cases of suffering.

  • Sean Waltman

Not for the first time has Sean Waltman found himself in the middle of controversy; most recently, he blasted Chyna and Triple H. Waltman used to light up during raw tapings, and he’s been busted with marijuana before. In fact, in 2010, he was apprehended at the airport. Waltman monitored his habit in 2013, and the WWE was pleased with his choice, elevating him to a more prominent position inside the organization.

  • Rob Van Dam

Even though Hogan has his strain of marijuana, Rob Van Dam, who is out to outdo The Hulkster, also has his marijuana addiction. Throughout his career, RVD was a strong supporter of marijuana, which led many to believe that he was the most excellent stoner in wrestling history. In 2006, RVD and Sabu were both arrested for possession of marijuana and other substances, which was an event when his fondness for smoking pot was exposed.

  • Evan Bourne

It is well known that he was suspended from WWE due to a failed drug test. His suspension for using fake cannabis is the most amusing part. Bourne had used fake marijuana to evade further drug testing after being arrested for consuming the genuine thing. Bourne claims that the synthetic weed’s manufacturers tampered with the recipe to make it appear on the test. He tasted and felt a dramatic decline in the moments leading up to his positive test.

  • R-Truth

While trying to make it big in the music business, R-Truth confessed to selling narcotics to make ends meet. This led to his 13 months behind bars. His tumultuous history has led many to speculate that he began using marijuana before his wrestling career. Despite this, his lone failed drug test occurred in 2011 when he tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

  • Brian Kendrick

Training Eva Marie was recently entrusted to Brian Kendrick, who performed an adequate job. The fact that Kendrick did not get the recognition he deserved as a WWE superstar when he was active makes one question why. Tobacco use is a massive factor in Kendrick’s failure to achieve WWE stardom. In interviews, Kendrick revealed that he used marijuana regularly and that WWE penalized him many times for the infraction.

  • Shawn Michaels

Michaels has been allowed to start again. He’s made a complete and utter change for the better after a career marred by substance misuse. Michaels constantly infused his system with a wide variety of substances, including marijuana. According to his account, he tried just about every kind of narcotic there is. Even though he had a fabulous stage presence, his problems sometimes affected his wrestling charm. Many attribute his drowsiness and lack of focus to his use of marijuana and other substances.

  • Evan Bourne

A few years back, in WWE, the Wellness Policy was being violated by the unlikeliest of individuals, including Sin Cara, Heath Slater, and referee Mike Chioda. Nobody was immune from punishment. One of the outcasts in the gang, Evan Bourne, was arrested in late 2011 for possessing synthetic marijuana. It was incredibly inconvenient since it happened when he was still on the tag team with Kofi Kingston as WWE tag team champion; nonetheless, his 30-day suspension did not result in losing his gold belt.


This way of living usually gets the best of them before it’s all over. Wrestlers who have admitted to having marijuana in the past have gone on to seek help in treatment centers. Some people’s vices now include narcotics. Naturally, not every wrestler has issues or uses heavy drugs. The league that employs them all frowns against using pot, even though it’s less problematic than more potent narcotics,

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