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TNA/Impact Wrestling improbable world champions

The Most Unlikely and Unusual TNA World Champions

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Were you looking for popular wrestling events of the past? Check out what the then-TNA, now Impact Wrestling had to offer. The promotion made its debut in 2002 and did have a rough road before its launch. It began its run as a PPV every Wednesday night under NWA’s banner. Jeff Jarret was adamant in breaking the monopoly run WWE enjoyed in the wrestling world. It slowly grabbed the attention of the fans.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) parted ways with NWA which led to the creation of TNA World Heavyweight Championship in 2007. TNA got its own identity after five years of inception.

The following are a few of the dubious TNA World Champions since the event started in 2007 and moved on to Impact World Championship in 2017.

Eddie Edwards (2016)

Eddie Edwards name will go down in the history books as the last person to win the 2016 TNA World Championship. From 2017, the championship was known as Impact World Championship. Edwards was all along with a tag team wrestler and joined hands with Davey Richards during his TNA days. But, the surprising win in 2016 did spring a huge surprise to the followers of the event as he overcame Booby Lashey during the Impact fight.

Matt Hardy (2015)

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are a brother’s tag team to watch out for in WWE. He is the primary force to bring the ECW Championship to WWE. He was not a serious contender for other world titles, and he had been at best a middle title bearer. Matt Hardy was not at his best grappling play during the prime event. He was 41 years old when he competed in 2015. With some colossal luck and God’s grace, he defeated EC3 to grab hold of the world title. He changed his name to Big Money Matt.

Magnus (2013)

Magnus had the looks of a TNA star from the very moment he stepped in TNA. However, he was a complete failure and did not have the perfect size to pose a serious threat to other competitors. He did not have proper mic skills and lacked the charm needed for the big stage, despite carrying himself as a star figure. Despite all this, TNA felt he was a champion material. True to their belief, Magnus won the title in 2013 and became a world champion, a post he held onto for 128 days.

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