This is how to write a flawless research paper

For a student, writing a research paper can be highly rewarding. The procedure involves conducting in-depth research and present interpretation, analysis and argument. If you are interested in writing a flawless research paper, you will find this post helpful. Here are some instructions that will make the process less intimidating. Keep reading!

1. Understand the argument

Before you get started, carefully read the task sheet. And if you find something confusing, request your professor to clarify it. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the goal, formatting, length specifications, and deadline.  Determine how long you will take to complete the assignment.

2. Choose a topic

Choosing a suitable topic is one of the most important parts of the entire process. To find a topic, you can talk to your professor or a fellow student, or brainstorm with pen and paper. Many students see some examples to gain inspiration.

If you choose a contentious topic like the medical benefits of cannabis, you will have to clarify your point of view from the very beginning. You may advocate the medicinal use of cannabis while recommending stricter regulations of its recreational use.

3. Conduct some research

To conduct your preliminary research, you can use reliable websites, books, and journals. If you have some ideas in mind, do not verify them. Rather, find sources that clash with your ideas. Formulating a few research questions will make the process a lot easier for you. Sometimes, conducting research can be time-consuming.

This is one of the reasons why the idea of writing a research paper is a nightmare for students with part-time jobs. These students often use professional writing services. The procedure is not complicated. A student has to go online, find a reliable writing service, hire a research paper typer and get the job done for a payment. Even serious students use these services when they need to focus on something more important than writing a research paper.

4. Write a thesis statement

Write a precise thesis statement that expresses the main purpose of the endeavor. In general, a thesis statement answers the research question. The statement should also show the reasoning and evidence you are going to use in the paper.

Make sure the statement is concise, coherent, and contentious. Try to cover it in just one or two sentences. The ability to create a short thesis statement suggests a student’s command over language.

5. Create an outline

This outline will help you map out the entire paper. It will also give you a sense of predictability. The outline does not have to be complicated. It can be just a list of arguments, topics and evidence you are going to use.

By creating an outline, you can know what the paper will look like. And if you know what you are exactly going to do, you feel less stressed. Here is a research paper outline example that will clarify the concept.

6. Write your first draft

Do not worry if the first draft is bad. The goal is to just write what you want to say. You can polish the paper later. Pay attention to logical ordering and clear organization of paragraphs.

However, that does not mean that you have to work on the introduction first. For now, write what comes to your mind. If you dislike what you have written, do not delete it right now.

7. Write a catchy introduction

In the introduction, tell the reader what the paper is about. Address the main questions of the paper. Introduce the topic, and define the key concepts and terms. Also, let the reader know what insights you are going to offer.

Make sure the sentences are strong and catchy. For example, if you are writing a paper on disparities in healthcare, consider starting with an intriguing argument, anecdote, or some interesting information.

8. Write the body text

Finding a proper way to organize the information is a challenge for most writers. In this regard, the outline you have made can be very useful. But it is important to remember that the outline is not set in stone.

If needed, feel free to change the names of the sections, or their orders. Always avoid repetition in the body text. Even if you are using a research paper writing service, it is a good idea to let the writer how you would like to present your argument in the body.

9. Write a memorable conclusion

The conclusion of an academic paper often does not get the attention it deserves. Make sure that the conclusion gives the reader a sense of finality. Do not present any new idea or argument in this part. And do not make it too long. Just a few sentences are enough.

10. Proofread the paper

Proofreading is a part of the entire process. Here, we have to clarify one thing: proofreading does not mean just finding typos and grammatical errors. Read the paper multiple times, and if you think something should be changed, feel free to do so. Cut out the unnecessary sentences.

Final thoughts

The idea of writing research paper may sound intimidating, but the procedure itself is not that hard. If you are a bit strategic, you can write a pretty good research paper, even if you hate writing. We hope now you are better prepared for working on your next research paper.

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