The ways to block ads on Twitch

Twitch has rapidly turned into a popular real-time online streaming platform. Simply speaking, it is such a website that allows anyone to become an anchor, a presenter, or sort of a broadcaster. Content creators or in other words streamers actively interact live with the audience that is keen on esports tournaments, computer games, cooking, performing music on request, chatting, etc.

Commercials available on Twitch

Advertising here has turned into an important way to earn money. Simultaneously, it is also an appropriate technique to maintain any channel. Yet if you are a frequent Twitch streamer, you doubtlessly come across commercials. And, sure, you as a lot of other streamers find them irritating, annoying, even aggressive. They can let you down, frustrate, and distract you from watching the content you find of great importance or interest to you.

Therefore, the desire of streamers to seek the appropriate way how to block Twitch ads is increasingly huge. The viewer can’t wait for half an hour when the commercial ends up. While being totally exhausted by the flood of commercials streamers and common viewers are in an active search for a high-end technique that helps to get rid of or cut down on catchy ads.

Ad blockers: general information on how they work

You should know that the way the blockers function is easy to comprehend. They usually block the video roll you are just watching or the URL of the site you have just clicked on and are willing to go on with reading or watching something. They block any source you have started to stream on. First, you can come to the idea that despite the easy way of blockers work, it’ll be complicated to find some proper technique to block commercials. Yet experts name some opportunities to successfully block them.

Mobile app: ad blocking

Some viewers really enjoy watching commercials. Don’t take them off the streaming. This kind of viewer can easily swap their activity and happily switch to watching some exciting content. Nevertheless, this type of viewer is usually in the minority. Therefore, most streamers who opt for blocking commercials distinguish 4 basic kinds of them:

  • Pre-rolls that usually tend to turn up even before streaming starts
  • Banners are noticeable throughout any streaming around the screen surface
  • Promotional advertising that the advertisers or even streamers launch following various goals
  • The way of advertising is called Pay-Per-Click.


It may seem incredible but Twitch possesses its own way to restrict commercials while streaming. It is just one kind of subscription available. It refers to Turbo. This subscription is unfortunately expensive. Nevertheless, it gives an opportunity to get rid of any commercials forever or at least for the long term.

Another way of subscription

Whenever a perfect way to do away with commercials Turbo was, if you find it cost-based, you’d better to opt for any other opportunity less money-gobbling. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to subscribe to a streamer. But you ought to select the one who is your favorite. The commercials will stop appearing automatically.

Android/iOs: the techniques of blocking commercials

Your mobile browser (it doesn’t matter which precisely you get set up) will be a good blocker while you are watching streams. In case you belong to those viewers who prefer the app, you need to get AdLock downloaded. You can even benefit from it since it is free and available for over 5 devices.

When it comes to iOS, the way of blocking is different. It doesn’t refer to the app. Unfortunately, blocking is not available for it. It is possible to apply a blocker due to the browser. You just need to download AdGuard or maybe even more preferable AdLock. Whichever you opt for, the result will be positive in both cases. Your stream will be safely protected against catchy and irritating commercials.

You should bear in mind that Twitch is constantly changing and tend to find ways that can help to avoid any blockers or even get them around. Therefore, you should be ready to take the necessary steps not to get caught in a bind:

  • Regularly update your software
  • Occasionally alter the browser
  • Control your blocker so that it works without breaks
  • If the situation tends to be dramatic just try another blocker.


In search of an appropriate way to block commercials, many streamers and viewers tend to fall back on VPNs. The strictness of advertising rules often depends on the exact country. Commercials are prohibited in some European and South-American countries, for instance, Colombia or Russia. If you live there where commercials easily appear on the streams, you can just use VPN to hide your real location while opting for another country.

The issue is which VNP to select. The choice seems to be not wide enough. Nevertheless, if you really desire to watch streaming without being concerned about irritating commercials, so, high time you selected one of the VPNs with commercial blockers:

  • Nord
  • Proton
  • NetShield.

The ways to make away with the commercials mentioned above will doubtlessly help you out with watching favorite streams without any annoying interference from ads.

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