Top WWE wrestlers to bet on and against

WWE’s just coming off their Hell in a Cell PPV, which took place on Sunday. The promotion made the decision to pull Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship match against Rey Mysterio Jr. and move it to last Friday’s SmackDown instead. The show was still a huge success, however.

There’s a whole lot that could happen between now and SummerSlam in August, so we’re going to take a look at some of the wrestlers to bet both on and against moving forward, with sports betting in Arizona offering odds on just about everything one can imagine.

Roman Reigns – Bet On

The aforementioned Roman Reigns has been one of the most dominant stars on WWE television since returning from his self-imposed hiatus at SummerSlam last year. The Universal Champion has gotten pretty much everyone to fall in line, with Mysterio just his latest victim. The Head of the Table also claimed a major win at WrestleMania, defeating both Edge and Daniel Bryan in an epic match that saw him stack his opponents on top of the other to retain his belt.

Reigns doesn’t look like he will be losing any time soon, especially not in major matches. He’s likely to face his real-life cousin, The Rock, at some point and should definitely be bet on should that happen as WWE will most probably have The Rock put him over as the latter’s appearances on the brand have been few and far between since he quietly retired from wrestling some years back.

Cesaro – Bet Against

Cesaro looked to be headed somewhere after catching a feud with Seth Rollins. However, it appears that is over following his loss to Rollins at HIAC on Sunday. The former Shield member attacked Cesaro during his entrance but still lost the advantage once the match was officially on as he fell victim to a hefty slam accompanied by a big back body drop and a kick.

Rollins would poke his opponent in the eye to turn things around. The wrestlers put on a great show, reminding the WWE Universe of their credentials as two of the best performers on the brand.

Cesaro was made to pick up the loss on the night and it appears his push is over, despite Mick Foley pleading with Vince McMahon to have the star in the main event picture. One should definitely think twice about betting on Cesaro, despite his prowess, as WWE doesn’t seem keen on having him win.

RK-Bro – Bet On

Randy Orton and Riddle’s RK-Bro has shown lots of promise. The Viper, a veteran in the game, has teamed up with a much greener Riddle to form one of the most exciting tag teams within WWE.

14-time tag team Champion Kofi Kingston recently gave his take on the pairing and said what most fans were thinking.

“It was crazy, because I think all of us are watching RK-Brow gel right before our eyes, and unfortunately the culmination happened in the middle of that match, they really came together,” he said on WWE show, The Bump, last week. “They’re such a weird combination, but they’re so interesting to watch. The dichotomy of the stoic Randy Orton, The Viper, who you know, he’s a snake, he’s gonna bite you at some point, but then you have Riddle who’s just like, ‘Cool bro! Look at this cool snake! Let me try to domesticate this snake!’”

RK-Bro is also going to be pushed as much as possible, according to reports. They’re certainly a tag team worth betting on.

Drew McIntyre – Bet Against

It would have sounded absurd some months ago but Drew McIntyre appears to be done for the time being. The hottest thing on WWE television after WrestleMania 36, McIntyre could be shoved right out of the main event picture after his loss to Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

Lashley rid the Scot of the WWE Championship through The Miz, whom he helped get the belt off McIntyre before beating Miz for it himself. McIntyre has made attempts to reclaim the title but has been unsuccessful. Bobby will no longer have to worry about Drew as his loss means he can no longer challenge for the belt.

Bobby Lashley – Bet On

If you’re taking the advice and betting against Drew, you should definitely be betting on Lashley. Lashley is the WWE superstar who’s in the best shape and is quite the specimen. WWE is pretty high on him at the moment and will likely carry his title into SummerSlam.

With rumors of Brock Lesnar’s return coming to a boil, The Beast Incarnate could make his comeback at the aforementioned PPV and finally give Lashley that fight he’s been wanting since he came back to WWE in 2018. Should he get matched up against Brock, it could go anywhere, but he should still be considered a solid bet no matter who he goes up against.

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