The most gruesome wrestling injuries of all time

Being a professional wrestler is not as easy as winning real money at an online casino such as www.topcanadiancasinos.ca. It can leave you scarred for life if a stunt goes wrong. However, at the end of the day it is all about making sure that your fans are left happy and entertained. After all, the sport is about making you what really happens during live fights. This article is going to be giving some of the worst wrestling injuries of all time.

Joey Mercury 2006 Armageddon Four Way Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy earned his title as the giver of bad nose injuries in this match.  The match was between the Hardy brothers, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro. After Jeff leapt on to a stack of wooden ladders, the ladder he landed on went on to seesaw and hit his brother Matt and Mercury. However, Mercury ended up getting what looked like a broken nose.

Shawn Michaels

Michaels is one of the biggest wrestlers of all time. But, he got himself a back injury that forced him to retire for four years. The wrestler was going on in a match against the Undertaker back in 1997. In an attempt to put him in the casket that was out of the ring, it went wrong and Michaels hit his back on the casket instead. However he managed to come back and re-fixed his brand in 2002. Rather play casino games at the best online casinos and you won’t be injured.

Bret Hart

Hart had quite a successful wrestling career back in the day. But, he went on to suffer an injury that would scar him for life during a match with Bill Goldberg. Goldberg served Hart with a mull kick that later led on to a concussion. The athlete did not immediately start showing effect, but he went on to fight a number of other matches. Later on, he started seeing the negative effects of what seemed like a regular injury. The 63 year-old wrestler is still a role model to a lot of the current wrestling stars.

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