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The 5 best African countries specializing in gambling

If sports games are very present in Europe, this is not the case in Africa where the phenomenon is not very developed. However, some African countries stand out from others with the upsurge in online games and casinos. Thus, in Uganda, Morocco or South Africa and others, betting is a recurring thing. We have analyzed the 5 most developed African countries in terms of sports betting.

Kenya: country par excellence for casinos

Both land-based and online casinos are encouraged in Kenya. No restrictions in this area, which makes the remarkable notoriety of the country which is full of internationally renowned casinos. In Kenya, online casinos offer maximum convenience to players, whether land-based or online. Slot machines, table games, entertainment, and more, there is much to be comfortable with in Kenya when you are passionate about sports games.

Sports games in South Africa: simple or complex?

South Africa is one of the most successful countries when it comes to online gaming. It brings together a passionate multitude, both nationally and internationally. Horse racing, slot machines and other popular games of chance – there’s no shortage of it. However, for online betting, there are regulations in force giving the possibility to players to bet only on sports games and horse racing. Online betting for casinos and interactive games is prohibited at the risk of seeing the structure or the casino concerned suffer the related consequences.

Sports betting in Botswana: a lifestyle?

As in Kenya, no regulations on sports games. If you fancy a good casino in Botswana, opt for the Grand Palm Casino located in Gaborone. With all the gaming machines and tables, not to mention the video poker on offer, you won’t get bored. Sports betting in Botswana is very usual and common, as no less than 7 cities have online casinos in the country.

Morocco: is it an ideal choice for gambling?

Morocco has a whole history linked to casinos. It is also one of the countries that experienced the casino phenomenon very early on, the very first dating from 1952. The legal aspect was not developed until 2002. Casinos are very developed and numerous in Morocco with a variety of games to the delight of players. Whether in Marrakech, Agadir or Casablanca, any gambling enthusiast will find it on his own.

Sports games in Uganda: a booming sector

In Uganda, gambling is booming. Of course, they can be practiced freely and legally, but there are a limited number of casinos. However, players have all the necessary comfort to indulge their passion in the few casinos present in the country. The games are many and varied and perfectly meet the expectations of these players. In this country, online casinos are more developed. Players tend to prefer to play online because they are given a lot of convenience. For example, they can easily get betting bonuses in Uganda.

Africa is likely to become a continent where the casino industry will grow rapidly, along with the expansion of Internet support to various countries there.

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