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Outdoor training for wrestlers: 5 tips and tricks

Wrestlers must stay fit and be in excellent athletic condition constantly. After all, it’s not easy to succeed in defeating fellow athletes on a mat fight. Like any other sport, wrestling also includes several workouts and tips to ensure strength is maintained and muscles are conditioned. Whether you have an upcoming wrestling match or you’re training to join a wrestling club or event soon, there are some training tips enclosed in this post.

It’s no question how pure vital strength can be for wrestlers. However, it’s worth mentioning that this is just one of the many facets of a wrestler’s training journey. Endurance, speed, and other physical skills are all imperative when performing ground fights. Although a wrestling match will only run about two minutes per round, you’ll have to exert a lot of strength and physical effort.

It’s time to condition your body with some outdoor training as you follow some tips and tricks below:

  1. Perform Suicide Sprints On The Grass Field

Doing outdoor training isn’t only good for toning muscles, but it’s also healthy for your mental wellbeing. The sunshine increases the secretion of serotonin, which is a mood-boosting hormone. To start with your wrestling training, do suicide sprints on the grass field near your home. Whether you find a nearby park or a soccer field in a school, doing sprints is an effective cardio workout.

Suicide sprints can be performed quite similarly to the usual sprints, except that they’re more intensified and are sure to make your heart rate go up drastically. While this can be performed in any sports court, running on grass surfaces is suitable for your feet because the grasses provide cushion and sustain low impact on your soles. When performing suicide sprints, it’s okay not to do it fast in the beginning. You can start slow and gradually increase speed as you run back and forth from one side to the next. If you’re practicing in cooler weather, don’t forget to wear softshell jackets such as these since it’s critical in keeping you warm. Do this cardio exercise, and you’ll strengthen your endurance on your next wrestling match.

  1. Do Rope Climbing In A Boot Camp 

Going on a workout boot camp is an excellent alternative to indoor gyms. You can check your community or other organizations that have these events. Boot camps offer exercises and physical challenges that’ll provide benefits to your body. And since body control is significantly imperative for wrestlers, you should partake in rope climbing activities in a boot camp.

With this training, you’ll strengthen your shoulder and back muscles. You’ll see a massive difference in your confidence on the mat as you build up those micro muscle fibers that weights at the gym can’t always accomplish. As you fight extreme fatigue after this intense workout, you’ll realize it’ll all be worth it.

  1. Build Muscle Strength Through Pushups And Pull-Ups 

To help wrestlers build strength, these two classic exercises never fail to meet results. You can spice up pushups and pull-ups exercises by using different variations. For instance, you can add on weight or perform longer reps and sets. Try to do these exercises in your daily routine, and you’ll generate muscles you don’t think you can. Perform these in an empty outdoor area, a sports field, or a nearby park. As you build chest and back strength, you’ll be able to discover how simple workouts can benefit your body over time. These muscle groups will support you in your wrestling match.

  1. Perform Speed Endurance Training 

Training for speed endurance improves your ability to tolerate higher lactic acid levels in your system and diminishes fatigue when wrestling at high intensity. This makes it an essential addition to preparing for a wrestling match. Speed endurance training includes a lot of popular workouts like running, bike riding at faster speeds, or intense swimming. By applying tips to run quicker and accelerating pace, you’d burn more calories, build more muscles, and increase endurance.

  1. Practice On Takedowns 

Beginners should learn takedowns to be the key to success on the mat. To boost your wrestling talents, you can practice on takedowns with someone while you head over to a grassed surface or on a sandy beach. These outdoor venues allow you and your opponent to roll on the ground without getting seriously wounded or bruised. The key to takedowns is anticipating your opponent and waiting for the perfect timing to take him down. You can master everything from the double leg takedown to the single-leg takedown.


With the different tips and tricks mentioned above, you can train for your next wrestling match reassuringly. Keep in mind to work out various muscle groups as well as perform cardio and endurance exercises, and you’ll be ready for any match in no time. Hopefully, these outdoor workouts will be fun to do for you while they hold effective conditioning results for your body.

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