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Online bookies guess 75% of Hell In A Cell outcomes, missing only two matches

People nowadays bet on everything. They bet on MMA, they bet on boxing, they bet on football, and yes, they even bet on wrestling.

There were 8 matches on the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view card last night and based on the odds that were published yesterday before the show, the bookies got six of those matches correct. You can even say it was seven, since Cesaro and Sheamus didn’t actually win the titles but that depends on the terms and conditions of each betting website on how to interpret that result.

Kevin Owens was 1/12 favorite, Roman Reigns was 1/20 favorite, Brian Kendrick was 2/7 favorite, Bayley was 1/12 favorite, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were 2/9 favorites, and Alexander/Dorado/Sin Cara were 1/5 favorites. The payouts for these matches weren’t very high. Bet $10 on Kevin Owens and get 83 cents in winnings. It was a bit better if you bet $10 on Kendrick, with $2.86 in profit.

The bookies were wrong in two matches. They had Sasha Banks winning at 1/3 and Charlotte winning at 9/4. Those who bet $10 on Charlotte for the upset got $22.50 in profit. Sheamus and Cesaro were also the underdogs  at 7/4 to win, meaning those who put a $10 bet on them got a profit of $17.50.

Odds often change before each pay-per-view starts because “smart money” comes in. That’s when those in the know of the outcome eventually leak information and a bunch of people start placing bets on for example someone who was the underdog. When betting companies see a wave of bets going the other way, the odds are revised to minimize loss. This also happened at WrestleMania XXX when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, with Lesnar being the big favorite just before the show where earlier in the day it was the other way round.

There are a ton of websites who offer betting services for different sports, such as Bet-UK, Sky Bet, Bet365, 888Sport, and many others. Not all websites offer wrestling betting though. And remember, bet responsibly and don’t let it get out of hand!

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